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At Drip Irrigation System Guys, we provide discounted prices for every drip irrigation system that you invest with us. It is important to opt for a drip irrigation system that helps you to minimize water wastage. It also helps with efficiency in the use of water. Our experts are well versed with the design, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems so that you can maximize on your investment in terms of money, time and effort. There are various aspects of the drip irrigation that you cannot just wish away. Call us on 800-373-1660 to share the various aspects of the drip irrigation system that you would like implemented. A better performing drip will guarantee you lower cost in terms of cost of repair and maintenance


Custom designed drip irrigation system

At Drip Irrigation System Guys, we offer customer specific service so that from procurement,design,installation to maintenance, you will receive unique and individualized services so that all your needs and requirements are met and addressed. Our experts understand very well the fact that high moisture content is harmful for your lawn garden. The foliage cover will be affected by too much water; hence the need to check on the surface run-off that is common in poorly installed drip irrigation system. Our experts will help in the proper installation drip irrigation system so that there is less water usage so that crops can take the water through the root system more efficiently.



Once installation has been done, the next step is usually to ensure that the drip serves at optimum. It is a well known fact that the efficiency of drip system of irrigation is higher than that of sprinkler at 90% compared to 75-85% on average. It means that the 90% can be enhanced to nearly 100% if proper measures are put in place to minimize water wastage, which by the way could be an environmental hazard. Talk to us and learn more tips and advice from our experts so that you can make the most out of your investment.

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Drip Irrigation Systems

It is important that we provide the kind of service that meets your expectation. Rudeness, slovenly behavior, smoking and carelessness are our kind of trade. If at any point these behaviors are exhibited by any of our staff or collectively, you will have free service.

* Repair

The drip system has various parts such as valve, backflow preventer, pressure regulator, filter, tubing adapter among many others. It is important that these parts are serviced as and when need arises. Our job offers warranty for the drip irrigation system so that you can continue to use your irrigation system. Call us on 800-373-1660 so that you can learn more how you will receive free repair work for any breakdown that occurs after the main installation.

* Replacement install

Replacement install is offered where the part or whole of the drip irrigation system fails to function as expected. Our experts will guarantee to replace the malfunctioning parts with new ones at no cost to you at all should the system fail whilst within the warranty period. You will also be entitled to a refund for the money paid for the drip irrigation system.

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